"It's more than just a bus"

History Of the Community Bus

CST's community bus was established to fill the unmet need of a transport service for those in the community who are socially isolated, often these people are housebound as they no longer own or drive a vehicle.

The service started with using the White Cars bus and driver to go to people's homes in Tolga and bring them into Atherton and has now grown to four regular bus runs outreaching to Mt Garnet and travelling as far away as Cairns.

These runs are about keeping people connected to their community, as well as services. The bus continues to be door-to-door service with with some runs having a volunteer 'host' to assist passenger getting on or off  the bus and to carry their shopping inside.

For some of the passengers the shopping runs have become social occasion, a time to catch up with others in their social local community they may not see between bus runs. For others the runs may be their only opportunity to travel outside their local neighbourhood.

CST offers monthly social runs, which are an opportunity for people to visit, for the first time or re-visit after many years, local attractions and areas of natural beauty. This will also prove an opportunity to socialise with others, share a coffee and have a chat.

The service is much more than just a bus run!!!

 View from behind the wheel

All bus drivers are CST volunteers who have the necessary Driver Authorisation from the Department of Transport. They gladly provide their time for this community service.

Our bus driver Trevor enjoys the social aspect of bus driving which he has been doing for more than 5 years.

He likes meeting diverse groups of passengers and enjoying the conversation which cover most popular topics, news of the day, local events etc. This ensure pleasurable journeys.

Trevor Feels that CST has great passengers who assist the driver by being at designed pick-up points on time to ensure the bus stays on schedule. Special mention needs to be made about Bob who provide the "early start Mt Garnet driver's tea and toast" on arrival, and then marshals the local passengers.

Trevor thinks that it is especially gratifying to receive regular compliments for invaluable service CST offers to local and remote passengers.

CST maintains a reliable vehicle and diversity of routes is a bonus for Trevor as a driver - country to Mt Garnet and city to Cairns.

Belonging to a team of dedicated volunteers makes for efficient, friendly service, which Trevor says he is proud to be a part of.

He hopes to be a volunteer CST driver for many years to come.

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