Local companies keep community bus in service

A heavy load has been made lighter with the help of local sponsors.

CST, a local charity which runs a community bus service, has just had a new trailer delivered with the help of community-minded Tolga Traders, Trailers 2000 and Atherton’s Supa IGA.

The trailer’s cost would have been $10,000 but with the sponsorship of these local companies, this was made much more affordable for CST.

Mr Bill Morris, vice president of the Board of Management at CST says, "If Tolga Traders, Trailers 2000 and Atherton Supa IGA hadn’t stepped in, we would be really struggling this year.

The bus service has become very popular because there is such a need for it.

As you would expect, these passengers are elderly, many with walking aids and because they go out only occasionally, the often have quite a lot of shopping to do.

All of these goods would make it a tight squeeze inside the bus and impair the comfort and safety of passengers, so the trailer is an enormous benefit for us.

I would really like to thank the local companies – Tolga Traders, Trailers 2000 and Atherton Supa IGA for making the bus run so much easier for all of us – the drivers at CST and the hundreds of passengers we get every year."

The bus services helps the elderly and the isolated by providing a door-to-door service. There are different routes, including one to Cairns, around Atherton, Tolga, Rangeview and to the Mt Garnet area.

To help defray the costs of the bus run, both the bus and trailer are available for hire (subject to conditions).

For more information on the bus run or hire, please call CST on 4091 3850.


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