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DRUMBEAT Discovering Relationships Using Music, Beliefs, Emotions, Attitudes & Thoughts

The weekend of June 7,8 and 9 was perfect for the three day ‘Drumbeat’ workshop to learn the skills to teach this worthwhile programme in our community. 13 participants gained accreditation as Facilitators to deliver the ‘Drumbeat’ programme run by the Holyoake Organisation. Four paid workers and one volunteer from CST will be able to Run and Co-facilitate small groups of 10/12 participants.

Discussions with other Health Workers outside of CST were established and communication continues in how to work collaboratively with organisations in bringing the benefits of ‘Drumbeat’ to the community.

The ‘Drumbeat’ programme was developed to combine the benefits of the group drumming process with cognitive behavioural therapy so that young people can transfer the lessons from the drum circle to their everyday lives. The development of this programme was originally done to specifically meet the needs of this population but has been run successfully throughout Australia in youth centres, drug and alcohol rehabilitation facilities, prisons, mental health inpatient wards and other centres that attract people with behavioural problems.

We all had a lot of fun while learning. It is known that intrinsic motiva-tions, in particular for young people, are based around having fun while learning. Benefits to participants include improved emotional regulations, increased self esteem, and improved social skills that lead to better relationships and an increased sense of belonging. Additionally, CST was nominated as the organisation to receive the 12 Djembe drums worth $3,000 from the Tim Fairfax Family Foundation as a donation to get us started.

Sabine Hamilton, Counsellor (CST)

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