10 Top Tips For Reducing Your Electricity Bill

1. If installing an air conditioner, place it at eye level in living rooms, and at bottom of window in bedrooms. Remember, cold air is like water; if you have a gap under the door, or open windows, the cold air will run out. Close off other rooms not in use.

2. Use showers not baths. Time shower to maximum of three minutes to save hot water.

3. If you are going to cook food from the freezer, take it out the day before and store it in the top of the refrigerator compartment. You will get back all the electricity you used to freeze it in the first place.

4. If you are boiling water for cup of tea/coffee, fill the kettle with just enough water to cover element and add 1 cup of water (add one cup for each person).

5. When cooking use a pressure cooker for stews etc. Use microwave to cook vegetables, fowl, fish etc. (follow cooking instructions).

6. Hang clothes to dry rather than using a dryer. If wet weather, hang line in laundry or carport.

7. In hot weather use fans rather than air conditioner as much as possible.

8. Turn off ALL appliances, including computers at the power point when you are not using them. When still on at power point they don't use a lot of power, but it all adds up over 24 hrs.

9. Don't leave jugs of water in the fridge in hot weather. Every time the fridge door is opened, cold air rushes out and the fridge has to use electricity to cool that air. Purchase an insulated water container with a tap in the front. Fill it early in the morning when the tap water is cool. To make cooler add some ice cubes.

10. Fridge temperature should be at 4 degrees. Freezer temperature should be 16 degrees. Any colder is a waste of electricity.

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